Compliance & Taxation

Compliance & Taxation

Compliance and Taxation Services for your small business

Keeping the ATO happy is a vital part of managing your business well. From setup and right through to the ongoing obligations of your business, your ATO obligations are many and varied.

These may include:

  • Registering a company with ASIC
  • Obtaining an ABN
  • Registering for GST
  • Tracking GST paid and received
  • Amounts withheld from employees
  • Income tax instalments
  • Lodging Business Activity Statements
  • Annual Tax Returns
  • Making ATO payments

It quickly becomes clear that you need an expert business tax accountant on your side. This can make all the difference.

That’s where the team at Ten X come in.

Think of us as your very own virtual Tax Advisor and Tax Accountant.

Ten X Advisors are Registered BAS Agents and partner with registered Tax Agents who have specialist knowledge and expertise in a range of tax scenarios that hospitality businesses face. The Ten X difference is that we are expert communicators and break down the complexities of tax into simple to understand terms.

From a small local café to multi-location companies, we can help ensure you’re always on top of your taxes, have no surprises and continually have cash on hand to ensure you are compliant and able to meet your tax obligations.

By having Ten X take care of your bookkeeping and accounting, you can be sure that your business is complying with the ATO record keeping requirements giving you peace of mind.

Instead of making a visit to your tax agent a once-a-year event, we ensure that taxation is part of the ongoing management of your business.

Tax compliance – GST, PAYG and BAS

From single companies to multiple company entity corporate structures, we’ll help you to understand and manage your tax obligations on an ongoing basis. Our taxation services include:

  • 1

    Advice  on setting up your company structure in the most tax effective way to minimise risk, ensure compliance and allow for business growth. We also help with your ASIC obligations, obtaining an ABN and registering for GST if required.

  • 2

    Tax planning so you know when payments are due, and to ensure you have sufficient cash on hand to make payments.

  • 3

    Preparing and lodging business activity statements.

  • 4

    ATO audit assistance.

  • 5

    Preparing and lodging income tax returns.

  • 6

    Managing your dealings with the ATO.

  • 7

    Ongoing reporting of your tax liabilities. This helps you understand how much you owe the ATO.

Payroll compliance

We keep up to date with the relevant awards and other applicable legislation. With a spotlight on some of the larger companies being named and shamed for underpaying staff, payroll compliance is more important than ever.

The awards are complex and remaining compliant and on top of changes is challenging. Let us help ensure you are payroll compliant.

If your payroll expenses are over a certain threshold (this differs in each state), we can also assist your business with payroll tax.

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